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    Professional Workshops

    Professional Workshops

    Timetable of Professional Workshops on Data Protection
    (May to June 2019)

    Download timetablePDF (pdf format)


    *Lecture Room, Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data
    12/F, Sunlight Tower, 248 Queen's Road East, Wanchai, Hong Kong

    *Newly refurbished

    Adverse Weather Arrangement


    Supporting organisations (in alphabetical order)



    AustCham Hong Kong & Macau
    Business Environment Council Chartered Management Institute (Hong Kong Branch)
    The Chinese General Chamber of Commerce
    The Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong
    Communications Association of Hong Kong, Employers' Federation of Hong Kong

    Employers' Federation of Hong Kong
    Federation of Hong Kong Industries

    The Hong Kong Association for Customer Service Excellence
    The Hong Kong Association of Banks
    The Hong Kong Association of Property Management Companies
    Hong Kong Bar Association

    Hong Kong Confederation of Insurance Brokers

    The Hong Kong Council of Social Service
    The Hong Kong Federation of Insurers Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce
    Hong Kong General Chamber of Small and Medium Business Ltd. Hong Kong
    Institute of
    Certified Public


    The Hong Kong Institute of Housing
    Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management

    Hong Kong Institute of Marketing

    The Hong Kong Institute of Engineers
    Hong Kong Retail Management Association


    About the Workshop

    Key features

    Who should attend

    Course contents



    Online Courses

    The PCPD has launched these online courses with an aim to provide a convenient platform for data users who wish to understand the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance online.


    •    Developing Mobile Apps with Privacy Protection in Mind
    •    Data Protection in Internal IT Management
    •    Latest Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Data Protection

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